TCK.W Real-Time online wire rope inspection system

The heavy lift crane is used to hoist and transport huge expensive structures which have colossal weight and value,
and the
wire ropes play an extremely important role in the hoisting system. Once the wire ropes failure happens during
, it will have a catastrophic implication that results in massive lost of lives and assets.
Our brand-new Automatic Real-time Online Wire Rope Inspection System is fixed on heavy lift crane and it can replace
manual inspection, improving inspection efficiency, reduce down time, more importantly deliver accurate inspection
result that ensures the safe operation of wire ropes of heavy lift while prolonging the service life of wire ropes.
The new innovative system on board your heavy lift cranes act as an added safety feature brings true safety capabilities
to your customers who use or hire your heavy lifting machinery or equipment. This added automated real-time online
wire rope inspection features would possibly make your heavy lift equipment more attractive to your customers who
entrust such expensive lifting projects to your company. We aim to increase your competitiveness in securing heavy
lifting projects that give you the best wire rope inspection solution.

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